Ward 7. Let's talk. Let's get things done.

I am proud to be a candidate for Councillor, Ward 7.

Contact me at [email protected]


A bit about you. A bit about me. 

You live in a ward that is graced with gently rolling hills, beautiful vistas, and impressive fields of crops or forested areas, or, you may live in a cluster of homes, or possibly, a friendly subdivision. Either way, you live in a vibrant community and your concerns are important to me.
I live in the countryside. I am deeply committed to keeping our community clean and safe for all residents.
I have lived in New Tecumseth since 1992 (+/-), first, in Tottenham and now in a rural area. My wife and I raised our family here. We have two sons and a dog.
I am active in the community, having acted as an assistant coach in Baseball and Soccer. I have been on the Environmental Committee. I have spoken to Council via deputation (regarding the need for inter-community transit service). I have been a candidate in 2010, 2014 1nd 2018 Municipal elections. During my previous candidacy, I expressed my support for: greater inter-community connections through improved walking or cycling trails and corridors, an inter-community transit service supported by local sponsorship and fairs, and an alternate plan to replace the existing Administration building, an expansion of events to attract tourism into our communities. Please refer to my Facebook page for more information on my platform. I have been a member of the ORP (Ontario Realtor Party, a non-political association that acted to help create new legislation regarding Real Estate policy and also championed the need for affordable housing. My work experience and education have included contract negotiation, broadcast studies and production, statistics and general business.
I have sent correspondence to Provincial Premiers, regarding the need to expand recycling, or, more specifically, to establish facilities to utilize non-recyclable, petroleum products as fuel to generate electricity or heat (the technology to scavenge heat from these products safely and without introducing pollutants into the atmosphere have been around for decades). To better understand this, consider that an average car tire produces 2 gallons of petroleum or 13,000-15,000 BTU of energy. We can discuss this further of you wish. I have also written to the Premiers about the need to consider alternative forms of home ownership, in order to help bring down the cost of ownership without the need for Municipalities to lower development fees (as doing so would only worsen our already precarious financial status).
I am proud to be the current Vice President of the TBDCC (Tottenham, Beeton District Chamber of Commerce.) The Chamber does very important work to promote local business and service providers. If you haven't considered joining the Chamber, please do so and contact the Chamber through the link provided below.**
I am the owner and operator of a website created specifically to help support local businesses and service providers. The site is called localbuz.ca.
This site is free to use and if you know of any local businesses that are not represented, let me know and I will be happy to add them to the search index.
I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss any issues that affect our ward. As meeting each of you personally may prove difficult, I welcome the opportunity to meet you at any debates or meet-and-greet events. I also welcome you to visit my Facebook page
and, regardless of who you may vote for, the key is for you to get out there and vote.
Have a fine day.

Sign? Sign-up. mailto:

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Important points to discuss.


Are you concerned about our town's long-term debt? I am. Our current budget is based on a proposed interest of 3.75%, an anticipated inflation rate of 6% (2023), and 3% per annum from 2024-2031. As "official" inflation is noted to be 7.7%, and many of us would doubt that number, what will our actual debt be in 5 or 10 years?


Are you concerned with ever-increasing taxes? I am


Do we have to strengthen our community inter-connectivity with better transit and other options? I believe so.

Building up.

Communities need new construction to help spread the burden of taxes, to help fund infrastructure repairs, and also to help maintain local business and services but how much is too much?

Are you concerned that our debt will become unsustainable? How did we get here? How can we reduce it without cutting services? What do you think?
How do we help to support of local business and service providers?
let me know what you think.
How do we keep our environment clean and safe without the burden of seemingly ever-increasing fees or taxes?
Let me hear from you.

Our future.

What can your new Council do to help make your life in New Tecumseth more enjoyable, safe, and sustainable?

** Please note: The TBDCC does not endorse candidates.